Site list update


Background: The site list is where users are provided a list of sites attached to their subscriptions. Users have had difficulty navigating the previous version, in some cases due to technical limitations.

Responsibilities: Lead the proposal to refactor the page through simplifying the information being presented, allowing in-line search making it faster and easier for users with large amounts of sites to easily and efficiently access the information they need.

Deliverables: Workflows, Wireframes, High fidelity designs

Role: Senior UX / UI Designer         For: Acquia         Date: May - July 2014

Before and after

The previous iteration lead to user confusion from its excessive amount of information and lack of focus. Users often had to click through multiple pages to reach their intended target.

The design was simplified to remove information in favor of faster access to manage their site.

Redesigned site list

The redesigned site list focuses on providing enough information for a user to take action without being overwhelmed.

Filtering was added so that users with many sites could get access to them more efficiently.

Wireframe of site list

Original wireframe of the site list design. This wireframe focused on a list view.

Ideation was completed on a card based view, but was not implemented in favor of providing that functionality in a future iteration of the product.

Card designs

Ideation was done on various card designs, featuring screenshots of the site to allow for faster identification and a more feature rich UI experience.

Card sketches

Concepts for site cards and actions that focused on various layouts.

Page sketches

Concepts for more efficient ways to organize a user's sites when they have access to a large number.

Focus was on showing recently accessed sites and user favorited sites.