Teams and Permissions

New feature

Background: An often requested feature when managing multiple sites in large and small organizations is role and permission management. The teams and permissions feature was designed to provide that functionality for Acquia Cloud sites.

Responsibilities: Worked on a small team to ideate, design and rapidly test concepts prior to implementation. Created wireframes and prototypes along with assisting in several design studio sketching sessions.

Deliverables: Sketches, Wireframes, High fidelity designs

Role: Senior UX / UI Designer         For: Acquia         Date: Fall 2013

Initial sketch of teams page

Early design sessions started with the landing page of the experience, a list of team cards showing an overview of sites and members that are part of a team.

Design concept

Early design concept based on sketches, that were tested rapidly with stakeholders.

Members page sketch

Sketch of a potential team page listing members of the team in a simple searchable table pattern.

Design for members page

Initial design based on sketches for the teams page.

Roles sketch

Initial sketches of the role listing, ability to perform operations on the available roles, such as adding new roles, editing and deleting existing roles.

Roles design

Design of the roles page, using a simple table pattern and description to provide the necessary information for the user to take action.

Various workflow steps

Identified various workflow steps required for a user to successfully complete an action.

Team setup

Grid showing configuration of roles and their available permission states while setting up a team through a wizard.

Profile sketch

Example of profile page and it's integration with the teams feature experience.

Creating a team

Initial wizard team creation page.

Wizard sketch

Early sketch showing wizard pattern in use while creating a team, breaking a complex operation into a set of smaller easier to complete steps.